I am a abstract painter and sculptor. I find inspiration from the outdoors and the experiences I have had not only absorbing its beauty but its often harsh realities. In 2011, I summited Mt Everest in Nepal. I use bold colors as well as black and white. In addition to conventional materials, I use mixed media; dirt, scrap metal, tree stumps, shotgun pellets and enamel. Many works employ the use of building up the canvas with layers of paint giving the work a three dimensional quality. Moving from New York City to upstate New York in 2014 has had a great impact on my art. It is larger and more figurative. Currently, I am living and painting in Southern Louisiana, where I draw inspiration from the area’s natural beauty, vibrant colors and rich culture.

For me, painting is a search for the harmony of color, depth and texture. It rarely happens with just one gesture of the brush. More often, it needs to be worked and worked until I have something. When it appears, almost magically, onto the surface. I think that is the characteristic of a great work of art; one never gets tired of looking at it.