Some of Zachary Zaitzeff’s earliest childhood memories are of drawing. An abstract painter and sculptor he uses bold colors as well as black and white. Zaitzeff, in addition to conventional materials uses mixed media; dirt, scrap metal, tree stumps, shotgun pellets, enamel house paint. Many of his works employ the use of building up the canvas with layers of paint giving his work a three dimensional quality. Moving from New York City to Dutchess County, New York in 2014 has impacted his work. It’s larger and more figurative. Zaitzeff’s paintings are in private collections and at Pace University in their new downtown residence hall. Zaitzeff did a solo show “Adventure Art” at the Broom Street Gallery in Soho New York in 2013. Many of the works in the show were inspired by his 2011 successful summit of Mt Everest.